Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Soft-core Processer

So what's a Susan in this dichotomous duo of ours? If Keri is persistent, driven, and tech-savvy, does that make me a lazy, distracted dinosaur? Oh sure, I'll cop to the first two (on occasion), but dinosaur? Let's dig a little deeper.

The dinosaurs did not die off because they were slow to change; the Cretaceous creatures were among the most bizarre in appearance, after all. This was no case of extinction by lack of evolution.

Meteorites happen and then what's a lizard to do? You cannot outrun destiny, especially when it blots out the sun for days on end and kills the food supply.

I've never had a problem finding sustenance and at nearly two miles high, the sun and I are intimately acquainted. The relationship I'm working on is the technological one and Keri is my psychologist: She has been navigating the electronic realm forever and tolerates my quaint tales of magazine subscriptions and catalogue orders. She kindly pets my pointed little head.

Yes, I want my kids to be able to click on any element of the toolbar and perform any task on the pull-down menus. I also want them to know their way around a toolbox and comfortably manage a dinner plan. I hope they examine their email threads when they aren't stitching together quilt squares, and I know they will effortlessly process their words electronically. I just prefer that they write to me in cursive.

Dinosaur? No, not yet. I do still carve in stone, but as I stand on the precipice of e-publishing, the valley seems verdant and the future looks bright. No meteorites in sight.

In excavating the wonders of my garage, I can still find the notebooks, diaries, and journals of my Triassic. During my Jurassic, I moved from a simple word processing machine through PCs, laptops, and now on to my IMAC and IPAD.

Let's see what weird horns, humps, and spots I sprout as I lumber over to this new watering hole. Terrabytes, anyone?

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