Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Three Favorite Quotes From The Weekend's Research

"I'll never write another synopsis again!"

"If you're a lousy writer, self-publishing is a terrible idea."

And my favorite, from Susan:

"Whenever I tell somebody I'm a writer, the first thing they ask is where they can get my books. I've never had anyone ask who published me."


  1. Synopses suck. BIG time. You're expected to reduce your entire plot to one page and still make it hit as hard emotionally? If you could do that, why did you have to write the book?! They always drive me up the wall, even more so when I found out I'm actually writing a sales pitch.

    But you take the bad with the good.

    I'm not particularly worried that I'm a lousy writer. I AM worried that I'm a lousy businessman. I can think of so many questions (like 'If I'm epublishing, how will my book even be spotted amidst a million others?') that there must be answers to and I'll never figure out on my own. Thankfully, you seem to be collecting answers, and it'll take me awhile to get Sweet Dreams cleaned up and cover art obtained. Especially with this frickin' cold. Three pages. I proofed THREE PAGES today, although I'm now becoming coherent again.

    Susan's quote is deeply moving. Even if the answer isn't 'at the bookstore', being able to point to an ereader store would be nice. But you also said that there is some way to do physical books, and honestly I do not even know what you're suggesting.

    You will answer all of these questions in time, I know! Right now you're still gath- well, right now you're trying to make a quick buck to buy black market pumpernickel to feed the gaping maws of your Hell-brood.

  2. haha.. its awesome...anyway thx