Friday, March 18, 2011

About The Blog List and the Blog of the Week

I'm going to be building up the blog list to the right as this blog grows. I'll be adding blogs and websites that I feel have good information, interesting discussions, or other as yet undetermined qualities that amaze and astound. The only restriction is that they'll be writing/publishing oriented, and that they offer something readers will be interested in. While I won't restrict myself to adding one blog a week, I'd also like to highlight what I feel are particularly helpful sites.

Today's addition is The Book Designer, authored by Joel Friedlander. Informative, well-organized, snappily written, The Book Designer is a wealth of information on all aspects of publishing yourself. After perusing the site somewhat cursorily (I have a kind of full plate right now), my favorite post so far is 52 Great Blogs for Self Publishers, which offers the blogs in a clickable list.

Really a top-notch, professional site, and you have the option of signing up for a newsletter and email updates. As Joe Bob Brigg's used to say, check it out.

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