Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Roundup of Links

I'm laboring under the burden of rewriting and editing 3 books right now (not to mention the day job and the last week of school for all these children who insist I'm their mother), so just a quick rush through the past week in self-publishing.

The big news was that Barry Eisler signed a deal with Amazon's new mystery/thriller imprint. Depending on who was shouting loudest at the moment, this was a great thing, a cop-out, a smart move, a bait-and-switch, a death knell for the Big Six, a death knell for self-publishing, the key to nirvana, or the incantation that starts the apocalypse. Writers can be a little overwrought.  More about the new imprint here.

Robin Wright at Write2Publish, has several interesting posts regarding book sales numbers, the BEA, Eisler's deal, and various sundry publishing things.

Via Dean Wesley Smith, Dear Author shows that you don't have to design your cover yourself  to have it suck.

And speaking of Dean Wesley Smith, he has a swell post about what will kill you career and what definitely won't.

Michael Stackpole has an enjoyable post on the extinction, or not, of the book. 

And just for fun, a few blogs by writers that are just cool to read and a great way to kill time/inspire yourself/learn something/wait for the zombie apocalypse. Drop by or follow them on Twitter!

Albert Berg's Unsanity Files

Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds

Evelyn LaFont's Keyboard Hussy

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