Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I Did This Week - April 23

Well, this week started off with a visit from the flu fairy. After the small child got sick, I got sick (and I mean deathly sick, like curled up in bed under 4 blankets, drifting in and out of consciousness while disaster-porn played on the SyFy channel) which tanked the weekend, thereby tanking the rewrite on the first 7 chapters of Darker By Degree. Sound familiar, all you writers with little germ-laden kiddies? And so it's been catch-up since then.

Tried to keep up with the blogs. Added a bunch to my list to explore further. Did not post much of anything.

Finished the short story covers, as you can see in the post previous to this one. That was actually pretty fun. So they're ready to go when formatting is ready on the stories.

I am now on the Twitter. Yes, I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era. So now you can follow me on Twitter (yay!) and I can wax poetic in 140 characters, which to anyone who has ever spoken to me or read anything I've ever committed to print knows is going to be a real challenge. As a bonus, I learned how to shorten URLs using Bitly which is so simple that I managed not to screw it up on first blush.

Set up an author's website that will serve as a somewhat static site or landing page once the books start to go live. For now, I used a generic template on Blogger. Easy-peasy and can be changed at a moment's notice with no knowledge of any HTML or really any technical skills.  You can find it here at

I am today hard at work on short blurbs for Running Red and Darker by Degree, along with spiffing up the opening chapters of both those books for inclusion as sneak previews in the short stories. Blurbing is hard. Like writing-a-synopsis hard. I keep dithering on the length. When I get the blurbing completed, I'll post them up.

For now it is back to the grindstone/salt mines/torture chamber. Looking on having the short stories live (with sneak previews of the novels) by the end of the week.

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